The 3 Association China dump price hijacking expedited AD trial

3 Steel Manufacturers Association The soundtrack to "Somkid" hijacking measures to protect domestic manufacturers. After being hit by Chinese steel dump price. Steel pipe found hard to sell up to 4 thousand baht per ton, with Chinese entrepreneurs to set up shop instead of importers. Indicates that the Chinese government is using Thailand as a base for cheap steel distribution. Ask the government sympathy for temporary help AD measures. Before hugging each other dead

Mr. Weerasak Chaisupat President of Steel Sheet and Plate Manufacturers' Association Exposed to the "economic base" that on November 3, 2015, the Association of Metal Tube Manufacturers Thai Hot Rolled Steel Association And the Galvanized Steel Sheet Trade Association Will submit to Mr. Somkid. Jatu Sripitak Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Through the public service center. Government House To request the government to protect domestic steelmakers. Because entrepreneurs are currently experiencing severe difficulties. From the imported steel imported from abroad. At the price below the cost of production, domestic producers are unable to compete.

Especially steel pipes used in most construction. It has a domestic capacity of 3 million tons from 36 member manufacturers and 20 non-members. Almost all manufacturers have reduced their production capacity to less than 40% or less than 1.5 million tonnes per annum, based on the existing demand of about 2 million tonnes per annum, totaling around 40 billion baht. year

This is partly due to the slowdown in the economy, resulting in lower construction or expansion. But the main problem is the amount of steel pipes that bring knees from China. Vietnam and Korea in more than 10 coordinates imported more than 30 thousand tons per month and sold at a relatively low price of 15 baht per kilogram or 15 thousand per ton. Meanwhile domestic steel pipes are sold at 19 baht per kilogram or 19 thousand baht per tonne. The price difference is 4,000 baht per ton, so domestic producers can not compete with steel pipe imported from abroad.

At present, there are entrepreneurs from China. He started to open a shop selling steel pipes imported directly from China. Instead of being a trader in Thailand, import steel pipes. And to sell to the next customer. That signals that. The Chinese government is trying to push the amount of steel overflowing at this time. Out of the country more Using Thailand as a cheap distribution base. From supporting or exempting steel pipe exports. If the government does not take measures to protect domestic steel pipe manufacturers. It will result in the quantity of imported steel pipes from China at a lower price. Until domestic producers can not survive.